Steel drums are highly versatile cylindrical barrels used extensively in a variety of industries. Most are made of carbon steel with various internal and external coatings depending on the contents. UN rated steel drums are certified to store or carry hazardous or dangerous materials.

Compared to plastic or fibre drums, steel drums offer greater strength and resilience. They are highly durable drums which are easy to stack and handle with the right forklift truck attachments.

The best way to lift and move your steel drums

Steel drums (open top or tight head) can be handled individually or two at a time with ease using Grab-O-Matic’s standard drum handling fork attachment fitted with rim gripping heads.

The gripping head or ‘grab’ uses a mechanical weight-activated clamping mechanism to grip the drum rim between metal jaws – the lower jaw engages under the drum rim and as it takes the weight the upper jaw is triggered, giving a secure grip. The jaws will not let go until the drums are set to the ground, which releases the weight on the gripping jaws.

Choose the right grip head for open or closed top drums

Gripping Head HD-1 is suitable for the handling of both open top drums (lids on or off) and closed top or ‘tighthead’ steel drums, since these all feature a pronounced lip or rim which can safely trigger the grab mechanism.

Twin Headed grip HD-4 is more suitable for heavy loads or light gauge drums, as the dual ‘twin’ head system spreads the weight of the drum and its contents on the top rim.

Steel drums and Grab-O-Matic – the robust and durable choice

Hard wearing, reusable and long-lasting products are not only cost-effective, but they help protect the environment from unnecessary waste. St Clare Engineering’s Grab-O-Matic drum handling products are designed for heavy and continuous use, providing a robust system that is as versatile as the steel drum it handles so effectively.

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