Versatile Grab-O-Matic drum handling equipment for all shapes and sizes

Grab-O-Matic mechanical fork lift drum handling attachmentsA drum or barrel is basically a container for bulk transport and storage. Drums are used across the world and made in different shapes, sizes and materials to safely hold anything from foodstuffs to dangerous chemicals and oils.

With so much variety, how do businesses handle the specific drum or barrel shape, and size, required by their products? St Clare Engineering has the solution: we stock a wide range of forklift truck drum handling equipment to cater for all types of drum.

Drums designed for easy handling

Drums are often stackable, with dimensions designed for efficient warehouse and logistics use. Originally, drums were moved by being manually turned on their sides and rolled, using the strengthening rib-rolling rims. The development of  drum handling equipment has made manual handling much safer.

Drums are frequently transported on pallets for easy handling with a forklift truck, and with the development of forklift truck drum handling attachments such as our British designed and manufactured Grab-O-Matic system, individual or multiple drums can easily be manoeuvred on and off pallets and into and out of containers or lorries.

Forklift attachments for every type of drum

Drums can be divided into broad categories according to:

  • Shape – smooth sided, ribbed or egg shaped
  • Style – open or closed top drums
  • Material – metal, plastic or fibre drums

These factors, along with volume of drums handled, the environment, and the total weight of the drum and contents will determine the type of drum handling forklift truck attachment that will be most suitable for grabbing the drums.

Choice of drum gripping system

The main factor in choosing the correct forklift attachment for safe drum handling is the type of grip required for the strength, weight and shape of the drum.

A metal drum with a strong ring or chime at the top, or smooth-sided plastic ‘L ring’ drums, for example, can be firmly gripped using Grab-O-Matic’s standard drum handling fork attachment fitted with rim gripping heads. The gripping head or ‘grab’ uses a mechanical weight-activated clamping mechanism to grip the drum rim securely between metal jaws.

Most fibre board drums can also be grabbed on the top rim using specially designed gripping jaws.

Open top plastic ‘Mauser’ drums, by contrast, can be efficiently handled using a base gripper drum grab, which accommodates the slimmer egg shaped base. Certain types of steel drum with pronounced rolling rims are easily gripped around the middle using the Grab-O-Matic waist gripper drum handling attachment.

We help you choose the right drum handling attachments

At St Clare Engineering, we know that choosing the right forklift attachment for your drum handling needs can seem complicated. That’s why we are happy to receive photos or take delivery of a sample drum or barrel from you and advise which of our drum handling solutions will work best for you.

Drum handling attachments made to measure

If you have specific requirements that mean our standard drum handling attachments are not suitable for your needs, we can design and manufacture a bespoke drum handling system for you.

Versatile drum handling options from St Clare Engineering

We are proud that our Grab-O-Matic drum handling forklift truck attachments and other drum handling tools are trusted by industries across the world, from logistics and chemicals to food and drink, including safety-critical ATEX applications.

If you need to lift and move drums of any type, please contact us for friendly help and advice using the details below:

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