At St Clare Engineering Ltd we build forklift truck drum handling equipment to last. If you are looking for rim gripper attachments to lift and move your drums, you will find Grab-O-Matic gripping heads and jaws lead the way in strength and resilience.

What is a gripping head and jaw?

Drums and barrels with a top rim or chime can be easily moved using a rim gripper attachment on your forklift truck. The gripping head or ‘grab’ uses a weight-activated clamping mechanism to grip the drum rim between metal jaws – the lower jaw engages under the drum rim and as it takes the weight the upper jaw is triggered, giving a secure grip. The jaws will not let go until the drums are set to the ground, which releases the weight on the gripping jaws. 

How are Grab-O-Matic rim grips superior to others?

We use high quality materials to produce our rim grip drum handling attachments. Instead of the standard flame-cut mild steel used by others, our gripping jaws are manufactured using a grain flow dropped forging process, which produces a stronger and more durable gripping head. 

The heads are then precision engineered with very close tolerances, and each part is fully tested and inspected before delivery. Our customers can be confident that they are getting a rim gripping system that will do the job as intended for many years. 

When should a rim grip attachment be used for handling drums?

Drum handling rim grippers are suitable for use when lifting and handling drums that include a rim or chime strong enough to support the weight of the drum and its contents. The Grab-O-Matic Single Drum Handler model 1-DLR rim grip forklift truck attachment is fitted with our single HD-1 gripping head, suitable for steel open top and tight head drums, plastic ‘L’ ring drums and most fibre drums. We can provide a special rim gripper for fibre drums which need a modified jaw, please contact us for more information. 

When should a twin head rim gripper be used for handing drums?

Our twin headed rim grip is designed for use when the drum skin or rim may be too weak to support the drum’s total weight once it has been lifted. Twin sets of jaws work together to spread the weight between two points, so that the drum rim or drum shell is less likely to deform. 

We recommend that a twin head should therefore be used:  

  1. If the drum is of a thin or flimsy construction and likely to be unable to support being handled with a single head
  2. If the total drum weight:
  • for any type of drum is above 500kg 
  • for Plastic ‘L’ ring drums is above 300kg 
  • for Fibre drums is above 100kg 

The Grab-O-Matic Twin Head Single Drum Handler model 1-DTLR is fitted with the HD-4 twin head and is suitable for all steel open top and tight head drums, plastic ‘L’ ring drums, and (with modified jaws) most fibre drums that meet these weight and strength requirements. 

Forklift attachments for all your drum handling needs

Grab-O-Matic drum handling attachments for forklift trucks are available with a range of gripping systems tailored to suit different barrels and drums. The right gripping head will depend on a number of factors including: 

  • The shape of the drum 
  • The shape and strength of the drum rim or chime 
  • The composition of the drum (whether the shell is made from plastic, metal or fibre) 
  • The total weight of the drum and contents  

Grab us now to help choose the right drum handling system for you. 

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