Grab-O-Matic Servicing

Close zoom of a Grab-O-Matic drum handler securing a blue drum, representing Grab-O-Matic servicing.

Whilst Grab-O-Matic units are very low maintenance and require only occasional light oiling, we recommend an annual service and testing programme to ensure your attachments are inspected, remain in good working order and adhere to current LOLER regulations for the drum lifting equipment.

For our UK customers we will collect the heads or complete unit (or you may arrange transport), carry out a full inspection, service/repair as required, complete the test procedure and return it to you with the minimum down-time for your business. If down time is an issue, we can supply gripping heads or complete drum handlers free of charge (excluding delivery/collection).

Grab-O-Matic Spares

Grab-O-Matic parts, representing Grab-O-Matic spare parts.

As manufacturers of the Grab-O-Matics, we have a complete stock of parts and spares to enable us to offer you fast turnaround repair timescales.

We can also send you requested parts should you wish to carry out the repair yourself.

Spares or replacement parts are readily available from stock for immediate dispatch to all corners of the world as and when required.

Download the HD-1 Basic Service Kit

Download theĀ HD-1 Major Service Kit

Download the HD-4 Twin Head Basic Service Kit

Grab-O-Matic Repairs

A person welding, representing Grab-O-Matic forklift attachment repairs.

Should your Grab-O-Matic forklift attachment need repair, we will collect it from your premises (or you can arrange to deliver) and one of our expert engineers will diagnose and fix the problem for you.

The repairs will be thoroughly inspected and tested, cleaned and painted / lubricated as necessary.

We aim to minimise operational down-time and get you back up and running as soon as possible.

To that end we can supply gripping heads or complete drum handlers free of charge (excluding delivery/collection) if required.

All Grab-O-Matic drum handling fork truck attachments are fully inspected and tested before they leave our factory, and issued with a test certificate to ensure your equipment complies with the current legislation and LOLER regulations for lifting equipment. They are fully guaranteed for 12 months, and if we think it will take longer than a few days to repair, we will send you, where possible, a temporary replacement to ensure you have minimum down-time.