They say actions speak louder than words, and this certainly applies when it come to our broad range of fork lift drum handling equipment and why we have created a series of handy videos to demonstrate our products.

As one of the world leaders in drum handling we have a huge range of products dealing with the lifting, moving and tilting of steel, plastic or fibre-board drums. Take a look at them in action, in the video demonstrations below:

Grab-O-Matic 2-DLR Drum Handler

The Grab-O-Matic Double Drum Handler model 2-DLR is suitable for all steel open top and tight head drums, plastic ‘L’ ring drums and most fibre board drums.

Grab-O-Matic SC10 Drum Rotator

Fork Attachment drum rotator for lifting and rotating steel drums to dispense the contents.

Grab-O-Matic 1-DLR Video Plastic ‘L’ Ring Drum

Grab-O-Matic fork attachment single drum handler for plastic ‘L’ ring drums model 1-DLR.

Grab-O-Matic 1-DLR Video Open Top Drum

Fork Attachment single drum handler for open top steel drums model 1-DLR.

Grab-O-Matic Quick Attach-Release QR-2-DLR Drum Handler

Quick Attach/Release fork attachment two drum handler, automatically attaches and releases from the forks of the truck.

Grab-O-Matic Special Over Head Drum Rotator

The Grab-O-Matic Drum Rotator is for the lifting and rotating of steel or plastic drums to dispense the contents in a controlled manner.

Grab-O-Matic Whiskey/Wine Barrel Base Gripper

The barrel handler is a fork-attachment Base Gripper which automatically grabs the barrel’s base while gripping arms close around its body when it’s raised, making it secure. To release the barrel, the forklift operator simply places the barrel down and reverses, initiating automatic release. They don’t even need to leave the cab.

Grab-O-Matic Waist Gripper DH1 Drum Handling Attachment

Grab-O-Matic Waist Gripper DH1 Drum Handling Attachment. The Grab-O-Matic DH-1 grabs the drums around the waist between the centre rolling rims and is suitable for 205/210L steel drums only with pronounced rolling rims.

Grab-O-Matic SG-1 Scissor Grab

The Grab-O-Matic SG1 Automatic Scissor Grab Single Drum Handler is suitable for all steel open top, tight head drums and plastic ‘L’ ring drums. The drums are automatically grabbed on the top rim when the unit is raised and automatically released when the drum is set to the ground.

Grab-O-Matic 1-DLR-SSAL Video

Fork Attachment drum handler for open top plastic drums (mauser drums) model 1-DLR-SS/AL.

St Clare Engineering and Grab-O-Matic

St Clare Engineering Ltd is a family business. We have been manufacturing a range of specialist, high-quality fork lift truck drum attachments under the Grab-O-Matic trade name since 1959, to lift, move and tilt drums of various shape, size and weight.

We supply drum handling equipment to the oil, chemical, logistics and engineering industries globally, from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf. All components are manufactured in the UK and every unit is fabricated, hand-assembled and inspected at our factory in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

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