Steel drums and plastic drums are constructed with different lid openings depending on their use and contents. Does this influence how you should handle the drums? We’ll explain how to use Grab-O-Matic forklift drum handling systems for open and closed drums.

Open Head or Tight Head drums

The top of a barrel or drum is designated either Open Head or Tight Head depending on the type of opening.

Open Head drums, sometimes called Open Top drums, have a wide opening at the top which is covered with a removable lid. Open head drums are easy to fill, and the lid can be safely fastened using clamps.

Tight Head or Closed Head drums are sealed at top and bottom, with no large opening or removeable lid. They are completely closed apart from one or two smaller openings sealed with a bung or similar restriction, and are considered more secure.

Handling your open or closed drums

Grab-O-Matic drum handling equipment is designed to work whether your drum is open head or tight head. The grab system will either attach itself to the rim of the barrel (Rim Grip) or to the waist (Waist Grip), or to the base (Base Gripper) in the case of ‘egg’ shaped drums such as plastic open top drums (Mauser drums).

Rim Grippers can also handle most open head drums without damage to the lids or fastening clamps, and with the lids on or off, giving great versatility when carrying solids.

Grab-O-Matic provides safe handling systems for all types of drum

We offer a wide range of forklift truck drum handling attachments as well as pedestrian drum handlers and bespoke products for the safe movement and storage of a wide range of drums.

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