Grab O Matic’s ‘Quick Release’ attachment for every industry

How do you ensure efficient drum handling in your industry? How do you ensure safe drum handling, whatever the circumstances?

Forklift attachments allow you to use your forklift truck to move drums and barrels, reducing the need for manual handling. At St Clare Engineering, we manufacture and sell a wide range of forklift drum handling attachments.

Best of all is our unique ‘Quick Attach and Release System’. Let’s explain why we are so proud of our invention, and how you can use it will help make drum handling your business both safer and more efficient.

Drum handling fork attachments

Forklift vehicles are a familiar sight in a wide variety of locations, including manufacturing, construction and logistics operations. They used for moving loads safely and efficiently. However, due to their curved surfaces, drums are not easy to lift and move with a standard forklift.

For safe drum handling, drum handling attachments can be attached to the forks. These are usually secured with T bolts or chains, which must be fitted and tightened manually by the forklift operator. If the forklift operator needs to lift a different type of drum or lift a pallet, they must unscrew the attachment, remove it, and then replace it with a different forklift drum handling attachment.

The hazards of forklift drum handling

Each of these separate operations requires the forklift driver to interrupt their work. They must stop and ‘park’ the forklift, climb down from the cab and attach the correct drum handling attachment. This is not efficient use of the operators time.

The drum handling equipment must be securely attached to the forks to operate safely. Every time the forklift operator leaves their vehicle, they are also exposed to greater risk from other people and machinery around them.

Grab O Matic Quick Attach and Release (or ‘Quick Release’)

Our Grab O Matic Quick Release system minimises risk by allowing the forklift driver to remain in their cab when attaching and releasing drum handling attachments from the forks.

The Quick Release system uses a carriage hook plate bolted to the centre of the fork truck carriage. This can remain permanently attached, as it is only 300mm wide and does not interfere with the normal lifting and moving of pallets.

The forklift driver then simply drives forward to insert the forks into the fork pockets on the drum handling attachment. When the forks are inserted fully and raised, a spring-loaded lever locks behind the carriage hook plate to secure the drum handling attachment. See video here.

Efficient drum handling

With the Quick Release system attached, the forklift can be used to carry out any drum handling operations, including lifting, pouring and moving drums and barrels. If different forklift attachments are needed, they can be interchanged without the driver leaving their cab.

The spring lever securing the forklift drum attachment is released when the forks are lowered to the ground. The operator can then reverse and continue with other jobs, or add new attachments, all from the safety of their cab.

This Quick Release system saves valuable time, so helps efficient drum handling operations. It also provides safer drum handling, because the Quick Release system ensures that the fork attachment is correctly engaged, and protects your forklift operator from repeated physical interventions which may expose them to risk.

Key industries that benefit from Grab O Matic Quick Release

Our innovative quick release system for drum handling forklift truck attachments benefits users in a wide range of industries. For example:

Warehousing and Distribution: These facilities often involve extensive use of forklifts for moving goods. Using our Quick Release System streamlines operations and enhances safety for workers who are frequently handling heavy loads.

Manufacturing: Especially in industries that deal with large drums and barrels, such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food processing. The reduced need for manual securing of loads can significantly decrease the risk of workplace injuries.

Construction and Building Materials: Handling heavy materials like cement, steel drums, or large tools is common. Our Quick Release System brings efficient drum handling to construction sites while reducing the potential for accidents.

Logistics and Freight: Companies involved in the shipping and handling of large quantities of goods can see improved turnaround times and safer drum handling for forklift operators.

Retail and Supermarket Chains: Use of the Grab O Matic Quick Release System can improve the efficiency of stock handling, and reduce the risk of injuries caused by repetitive dismounting to secure loads.

Agriculture: For customers handling large drums and barrels of feed, fertilizer, or other materials. Our safety innovation streamlines farm operations and enhances safety.

Automotive Industry: Especially in sectors dealing with the transport and handling of large parts or materials. The innovation can enhance workflow efficiency and safety.

Recycling and Waste Management: Facilities often use forklifts to move large drums and barrels. Utilising our Quick Release System for drum handling attachments can improve operational efficiency and reduce the risk of accidents in these environments.

Oil and Gas Industry: For the movement of drums containing chemicals, oils, or other substances. Improved safety features are particularly beneficial in this high-risk environment.

Pharmaceuticals: Involves the handling of large containers and drums in the manufacturing process. Enhanced safety features help to maintain the stringent safety standards of the industry.

Whiskey & Wine Industry: For the lifting and moving of whiskey/wine barrels.

Fast and safe drum handling from St Clare Engineering

We are proud that our Quick Attach and Release safety innovation aligns with the broader trend of increasing automation and safety in the workplace and can significantly impact worker safety.

In addition, our customers have found that using the Quick Attach and Release system for drum handling forklift attachments improves operational efficiency and productivity across diverse sectors.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to improve safety and efficiency in your drum handling operations.

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