How St Clare Engineering can adapt drum handling equipment to suit your forklift

At St Clare Engineering we design and manufacture a range of drum handling equipment, including drum handing attachments for forklift trucks. All of our products are designed to ensure the safe movement, lifting or tipping of drums and barrels.

Choosing the right forklift drum handling attachments

Our drum handling forklift attachments are built and tested here in the UK by our expert engineers. They can advise on the right drum handling equipment for your forklift, and for the specific drums and contents you will move using our products.

Sometimes, the weight of your drums or the configuration of your forklift means that the drum handling attachment requires modification to operate safely. Thanks to the personal attention we give to every piece of drum handling equipment made by us, we are happy to adapt our forklift attachments to suit your needs.

Making longer or wider fork pockets on drum handling attachments

Forklift drum handling attachments are built with a pocket or channel on the underside of the forklift attachment into which the forks of the forklift are inserted for use. Our standard drum handling attachments are made to fit the most common fork lengths, widths and thicknesses, so that the drum handling attachment will sit firmly on the forks and secure the equipment for use.

If your forklift truck has longer forks than standard forklifts, we can manufacture a special frame with larger fork pockets to suit the size and length of your forks. Longer fork pockets give more overlap between the forks and the forklift attachment, reaching further into the drum handling attachment to support the weight more effectively and provide a more secure fit.

Adapting the fork position on drum handling attachments

Smooth and efficient drum handling depends on well-adjusted drum handling equipment. At St Clare Engineering we know that if a drum handling forklift attachment is difficult to attach this will reduce efficiency, as well as compromising safety.

For safe and effective operation of forklift drum handling equipment the fork position must be properly aligned with the drum handling attachment. If you do not have movable forks (manual or hydraulic) on your drum handling forklift, we can adjust the position of the fork pockets during manufacture to ensure that they will fit your forklift’s fork carriage.

We also have a range of ways to secure the drum handling attachment to the forks, using T bolts, Heel Pins, Chain & Clamp or our Quick Attach/Release System. St Clare can advise which is the most suitable for your needs.

Working with you for safe and efficient drum handling

St Clare Engineering is expert in the production of drum handling equipment and is always happy to advise on the best drum handling forklift attachments for your needs. Members of our team take responsibility for ensuring that every product is properly built and tested, and since we are involved at every stage we can adapt our drum handling products safely to fit your forklift equipment.

For safe, efficient drum handling forklift attachments, contact us using the details below:

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