Why Grab-O-Matic gripping heads are the best rim grippers for your drum handling needs

At St Clare Engineering Ltd we build forklift truck drum handling equipment to last. If you are looking for rim gripper attachments to lift and move your drums, you will find Grab-O-Matic gripping heads and jaws lead the way in strength and resilience.

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Lift fibre drums easily with our specialised forklift truck attachments

Fibre drums are a versatile and affordable alternative to plastic or steel drums, and can easily be handled using our specialist forklift truck attachments.

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We cover your drum handling needs with a range of standard attachments

At St Clare Engineering, we are known for our capability in manufacturing high quality, bespoke forklift drum handling attachments. We also manufacture our Grab-O-Matic range of standard attachments straight off the shelf for moving a range of drum types, which makes delivery faster and more cost effective for clients.

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Forklift drum handling attachments made for the world

St Clare has a reputation in the UK for manufacturing reliable, high-performance forklift truck attachments for lifting, tilting and moving drums of all shapes and sizes. In addition, we have built an international name for our products for some good reasons.

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Bespoke handling equipment for alcohol barrels

At St Clare Engineering we design and manufacture bespoke drum and barrel handling equipment, either stand-alone or fitted to forklift trucks, moving barrels of all shapes and sizes for the drinks industry.



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