This unique safety innovation eliminates the need for the fork lift truck driver to dismount from the cab to secure the drum grabs to the forks with T bolts and chains, thereby reducing the risk of accidents, saving time and increasing productivity!

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The Grab-O-Matic Quick Attach and Release System was developed to save time and increase safety when securing mechanical fork attachments to a fork truck.

How does it work?

A carriage hook plate is bolted to the centre of the fork truck carriage. This can stay on permanently as it does not interfere with the normal lifting and moving of pallets and is only 300mm wide.

When the forks are inserted fully into the fork pockets and raised a sprung loaded lever locks behind the carriage hook plate and will only release when the unit is lowered to the ground. This reverses the action and the forks can be withdrawn from the unit.

What are the benefits?

The greatest savings are made if the truck driver is constantly changing fork attachments or moving from pallets back to drum grabs several times a day. The return on the initial investment is very quick due to the significant time savings realised and the corresponding safety benefits.

  • Eliminates the need for the fork truck driver to dismount from his cab to secure the drum grabs to the forks with traditional methods such as ‘T’ bolts or chains
  • Saves valuable time when switching attachments
  • Safer as the QR System reduces the risk of accidents as the attachments are always secured to the fork truck
  • Increased productivity
  • Compatible with all types of fork truck carriage including side shifts
  • The Quickest, Simplest and Safest way to secure attachments to the fork truck
  • Stainless Steel and ATEX units also available

The Quick Attach and Release Drum Handling frames are universal with all current Grab-O-Matic pillars and gripping heads and is a safe, secure and efficient way to attach the Grab-O-Matics to any fork truck.

It is available for most of the Grab-O-Matic range of fork truck attachments, Drum Rotators, Waist Gripper Drum Handlers, Snow Ploughs, Base Grippers and Drum Cages and can be incorporated on many bespoke items if required. Stainless Steel or ATEX units can also be supplied with a Quick Attach and Release System.

The system has been extensively proven in the field over a number of years with in excess of 100 units currently in use, all with positive feedback from the end users due to the ease of use, cost savings in time and increased safety.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to save time, increase productivity and safety, please contact us to discuss your options for a new Drum Handler or Fork Truck Attachment fitted with the unique Quick Attach and Release Drum Handling System.

To watch a video demonstration click watch.