How forklift drum handling attachments save you time and money

Forklifts are found at every stage along today’s supply chains, from production facilities to transport, warehousing and delivery operations. With the right forklift attachments your team can carry out their work more quickly and safely, delivering efficiency savings for your organisation.

Forklift drum handling attachments

Forklift pallet forks can be used for simple tasks, but for handling drums it is vital to attach forklift drum handling equipment specifically designed for the purpose.

St Clare Engineering forklift attachments allow you to safely lift, push, move and rotate drums. Our forklift drum handling equipment includes:

  • Rim, waist and base drum gripper attachments
  • Drum handling rotators
  • Pedestrian drum handlers
  • Liftomatic high volume drum handling attachments.

The benefits of using the right forklift drum handling equipment

Forklift attachments improve efficiency by freeing workers from moving drums manually. Reliable drum handling attachments from St Clare Engineering deliver many benefits, including:

Increased productivity

Our forklift drum handling equipment is quick and easy to attach and ensures that drums and barrels can be moved precisely as required.


St Clare Engineering forklift drum handling equipment is safe to use, alleviating the need for  manual handling, and reducing accidents and operator injuries. Our bespoke Quick Release system gives even greater safety to your forklift driver by reducing the need to manually secure mechanical forklift drum handling attachments to the forklift truck.

Cost efficiency

Interchangeable drum handling attachments allow one forklift to perform multiple tasks. This allows a single operator to carry out different functions, and reduces the need for additional forklifts across your operations.

Drum handling attachments made for your specific drums

At St Clare Engineering we supply drum handling equipment for a range of different drum shapes, drum sizes and drum materials (including steel drums, Mauser drums and fibre drums).

We are happy to check a sample drum from you so that we can ensure our drum handling forklift attachments will fit your drum. We can advise on the right gripper system to provide a strong lift and grip without damaging your drum.

Improve drum handling efficiency with St Clare Engineering

Choosing the right forklift drum handling attachments can make a big difference to your efficiency, delivering cost savings and reducing labour costs.

For more information on drum handling attachments from St Clare Engineering, contact us using the details below:

Andy Bow – St Clare Engineering Ltd

A pharmaceutical company in West Yorkshire contacted us with a requirement for a twin head double drum handler fork truck attachment.

It needed to suit a range of forks trucks, to lift steel drums and plastic ‘L ‘ring drums and be suitable for use in an ATEX Zone 1 or 2 spark proof area and washing down.

We incorporated our standard design Grab-O-Matic 2-DTLR-P twin head double drum handler, and manufactured 2 special units completely from stainless steel.

The design had larger than standard fork pockets to account for the larger forks on the range of trucks on site, and a chain and clamp system to attach the forks to the truck in place of the standard T-bolt or quick release system.

The drum supports had rubber fenders for protection and to minimise any dents or scratches to the drums during handling.

  • The twin head gripping heads with the double jaw gripping system help spread the load on the rim of the drum, giving a more secure grip and reducing any possible rim damage making them suitable for light gauge steel or plastic ‘L’ ring drums.

Very heavy drums up to 1000kg can also be safely grabbed with the twin heads.

The majority of Grab-O-Matic drum handling equipment can be manufactured to suit ATEX spark proof areas or manufactured completely from stainless steel for ATEX or clean room operations. Please contact us for further details.

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