Over the past 30 years we have continued to evolve our Grab-O-Matic products to support safe and efficient drum and barrel handling in increasingly varied sectors.

Most recently we worked with a distillery in Ireland to improve their barrel handling processes.

1-DLR-BG Whiskey Barrel

Handling your whisky is no small job

Working at an Irish whisky distillery sounds like a dream job for fans of the product but the typical whisky barrel holds 200 litres, with some types going up to 650 litres1. So, no matter how tempting are the contents, the reality is that work in a distillery, with many barrels to move, is hard.

Our clients needed to reduce the manual element of barrel handling, while ensuring that barrels could be lifted, moved and loaded and unloaded safely.

Developing bespoke barrel handling equipment

Safety and efficiency are integral to our products and this bespoke solution was developed with those aims in mind.

The barrel handler is a fork-attachment Base Gripper which automatically grabs the barrel’s base while gripping arms close around its body when it’s raised, making it secure. To release the barrel, the forklift operator simply places the barrel down and reverses, initiating automatic release. They don’t even need to leave the cab.

Our units are mechanical, which enables them to be used in the most inhospitable environments and we can manufacture them as single or double barrel handlers; we know that our clients appreciate our flexibility in order to meet their needs.

St Clare Engineering and Grab-O-Matic

St Clare Engineering Ltd is a family business. We have been manufacturing a range of specialist, high-quality fork lift truck drum and barrel attachments under the Grab-O-Matic trade name since 1959, to lift, move and tilt drums of various shape, size and weight.

We supply drum and barrel handling equipment to the oil, chemical, logistics and engineering industries globally, from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf. All components are manufactured in the UK and every unit is fabricated, hand-assembled and inspected at our factory in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

For more information about our products and servicing, visit our website.

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