Forklift drum handling attachments can reduce workplace injuries in the warehousing and distribution sector, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs. Here’s how St Clare Engineering’s forklift drum handling attachments can revolutionise your warehouse operations.

Safer drum handling

Did you know that 1 in 5 workplace fatalities in the UK are caused by a forklift truck or industrial vehicle? Safety is paramount in any warehousing and distribution operation. St Clare Engineering forklift drum handling attachments help to ensure the safety of your workforce by giving your forklift operator secure control when moving drums.

Drum handling attachments for your style of drum

We manufacture and supply a wide range of drum handling forklift attachments, so you can choose the right fit for your drum. Forklift drum handling is safer when your drums are securely gripped by the drum handling attachment, maximising the driver’s control.

We offer drum handling attachments to fit any drum including closed steel drums,  open steel drums, Mauser drums, fibre drums and plastic ‘L’ ring drums.

Secure gripping attachments for the shape of your drum

Damaged drums can be a serious cause of accidents in warehousing and distribution, leading to leakage, slips and even the release of hazardous substances. Our wide range of drum grippers ensures that your drums can be safely moved without damage to the drum.

St Clare Engineering’s range of rim gripper forklift drum attachments, waist gripper forklift drum attachments and base gripper forklift drum attachments are carefully designed to give your forklift truck operator full drum handling control without causing drum damage.

Increased Efficiency

Time is money, especially in warehousing and distribution. Using purpose-built St Clare Engineering forklift drum handling attachments can greatly reduce loading and unloading times, delivering significant improvements in efficiency.

Speed and versatility in drum handling

Forklift drum handling attachments can quickly and easily be switched to accommodate different types and sizes of drum. We also offer drum handling attachments for single drums, as well as twin drum handling attachments, triple and four-drum handing attachments.

Our drum handling Quick Release system gives greater protection to your forklift operator whilst increasing their efficiency. This unique safety innovation eliminates the need for the forklift truck driver to dismount from the cab to secure the drum handling forklift attachment, which is automatically and securely attached by a sprung lever. Your investment in our Quick Release system will reduce the risk of accidents, save time and increase productivity.

Customers using our drum handling attachments in warehousing & distribution

Our drum handling forklift attachments are used by a wide range of customers in warehousing and distribution, including:

Boost efficiency in warehousing and distribution

By using the correct drum handling equipment you can improve workplace safety and improve efficiency. At St Clare Engineering, we have all the drum handling forklift attachments you need to boost your warehousing and distribution operations.

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