How to find the right drum rotator forklift truck attachment

Drum rotators for every industry

Barrels containing liquids, powder and loose contents can be easily and safely turned using St Clare Engineering drum rotators. Customers use our forklift truck attachments to lift and pour barrels of honey or whisky, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and lubricants and agricultural products – in fact we are trusted suppliers of drum rotator equipment to a wide range of sectors both across the UK and abroad.

Forward drum rotator: Grab-O-Matic SC10

Our most popular drum rotator is the Grab-O-Matic SC-10 Drum Rotator. This is a forward rotator for the controlled lifting and full 360 degree rotation of steel, plastic or fibreboard drums to dispense the contents forwards with precision.

  • Drum turner is secured to the forks of the truck with zinc plated ‘T’ bolts
  • Drums are clamped in a steel hoop with an adjustable clamp and locking pin
  • Forward rotation using a hand operated gearbox that allows full control throughout the dispensing process
  • Suitable for drum weights up to 500kg

The forward drum rotator SC-10 is available with a range of extras, including:

  • Safety Adaptor for use when lifting and tilting smooth-sided plastic drums,
  • Webbing and ratchet drum clamping system for plastic drums and fibre drums
  • Chain wheel and chain for safe rotating and dispensing above 1.5m height

Overhead drum rotator: Grab-O-Matic SC10-OH

If you will be working from an overhead crane, our trusted SC10 drum rotator is also available as an overhead model: Grab-O-Matic SC10-OH.

The drum turner operates in the same way as the standard SC-10, but can be hung from the hook of an overhead crane or secured to hang beneath the forks of the truck. The same optional extras are available.

Heavy Duty drum rotator: Grab-O-Matic SC10-HD and SC10-OH-HD

St Clare’s Heavy Duty barrel rotator unit is designed for use with heavy steel drums and can manage loads up to 1000kg.

The heavy duty drum rotator is available either as a standard forklift truck attachment, or as an overhead drum rotator.

Sideways drum rotator: Grab-O-Matic SC10 Side Rotator

Access restrictions sometimes demand that drums be turned or emptied sideways rather than forwards. Our Side Rotator forklift truck drum handling attachment is designed to provide controlled sideways rotation using a hand-operated gearbox.

This is a bespoke product and will be manufactured to your precise requirements.

Rotating drum cage

St Clare Engineering can also solve your need to tip or turn plastic containers, using our Grab-O-Matic Special Small Rotating Drum Cage. Plastic containers can be secured in the metal cage, and tipped or turned using a manual lever.

This cage is made to order to provide the right rotator for your containers.

Drum tippers and rotators for handling your drums

St Clare Engineering has a range of versatile forklift truck attachments which allow you to lift, turn and tip drums and barrels with ease. Please get in touch to find out which will work for you by contacting on the details below.

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