High quality drum handling equipment is essential in the agricultural industry, where heavy or hazardous materials must be moved and stored. Drums containing liquids or loose materials such as fertilisers, pesticides and animal feed must be handled with care.

Here are the Top 5 ways our forklift drum handling attachments help you to move and store such materials, offering significant benefits for agricultural businesses.

  1. Enhancing efficiency in Agriculture

Drum handling equipment significantly improves the efficiency of agricultural operations. By enabling the easy and quick transportation by forklift of bulk materials such as fertilisers, pesticides and animal feed, our drum handling forklift attachments reduce the time and labour required for manual handling. This results in increased productivity and allows farm workers to focus on more critical tasks.

  1. Improving safety on farms

Safety is a top priority in any agricultural setting, and drum handling equipment plays a crucial role in minimising risks. Manual handling of heavy drums can lead to injuries, but drum handling forklift attachments designed to work with the types of drum you use help ensure that materials are moved safely and securely. This reduces the likelihood of accidents and promotes a safer working environment on farms.

  1. Versatile applications

Drum handling equipment offers versatile applications in agriculture, including:

  • Efficient handling of potentially hazardous materials such as fertilisers and pesticides
  • Distribution and management of heavy items including animal feed and supplements
  • Transport for heavy liquids like fuels and lubricants.
  1. Cost-effective solutions

Investing in drum handling equipment is a cost-effective solution for agricultural businesses. By improving handling efficiency and reducing the need for manual labour, farms can lower their operational costs.

St Clare Engineering attachments also help extend the lifespan of drums and containers by ensuring they are handled with care. Our drum handling attachments use a wide range of drum gripper styles which protect your drums from damage during handling. This helps to reduce the need for frequent replacements.

  1. Environmental benefits

Sustainability is increasingly important in agriculture, and drum handling equipment can contribute to eco-friendly practices. By reducing the risk of spills and ensuring proper handling of hazardous substances, these attachments help minimise the environmental impact of your agriculture business. This protects your farm environment, and helps ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

At St Clare Engineering, we also take our environment seriously. We manufacture our drum handling forklift attachments in a way that minimises our impact on the environment. Read more about our sustainable production here.

St. Clare Engineering solutions in action

Our drum handling forklift attachments are used by many customers operating in agriculture including:

Safe and efficient drum handling with St Clare Engineering

Drum handling equipment offers numerous advantages for the agriculture sector, from enhancing efficiency and safety to providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Using St Clare Engineering’s specialised forklift attachments, agricultural businesses can improve their operations and achieve greater success.

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