In the bustling world of manufacturing, handling large containers and drums is a routine yet crucial task, especially in sectors dealing with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or food processing. St. Clare Engineering stands at the forefront of providing innovative solutions that not only streamline operations but also prioritise workplace safety. Our forklift drum handling attachments are specifically designed to address the challenges faced by these industries, offering a seamless and secure way to manage drums efficiently.

The need for efficient Drum Handling

Manufacturing industries are continuously seeking ways to enhance productivity while ensuring the safety of their workforce. The manual handling of large drums and containers presents significant challenges, from potential workplace injuries to operational inefficiencies. Recognising these challenges, St. Clare Engineering offers a range of forklift drum handling attachments that transform the way businesses move, lift, and secure their loads.

St. Clare Engineering’s solutions in action

Our drum handling attachments have been adopted by a diverse array of manufacturing clients, each benefiting from the unique advantages these solutions provide. From Brenntag and ChampionX Ltd to R.C Treatt, and Bakkavor, our products are proving indispensable in enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

Brenntag, a leading name in chemical manufacture and distribution, has experienced firsthand the benefits of integrating our attachments into their operations, leading to safer and more efficient handling of chemical drums.

A leading manufacturer of honey in the UK, use numerous Grab-O-Matic drum handlers to unload hundreds of honey drums per day from containers that have come in from all over the world and distribute to various production facilities in their factory.

ChampionX, a global leader chemistry programmes and services, has found significant value in our drum handling solutions. These attachments have streamlined their process of managing chemical containers, crucial for their operations in industrial applications.

Bakkavor, known for its leading role in the food processing sector, has found our pedestrian drum handling equipment essential for maintaining the pace of production while ensuring the highest safety standards.

Lastly, R.C Treatt, a powerhouse in natural extracts and ingredients manufacture and distribution, utilises our solutions to manage the delicate handling of food ingredients, emphasising the critical importance of precision and safety.

The advantages of Forklift Drum Handling Attachments

Reduced workplace injuries: The minimised need for manual handling significantly decreases the risk of injuries, promoting a safer work environment.

Operational efficiency: By streamlining the process of moving and securing drums, our attachments save valuable time and resources, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations.

Versatility: Designed to be compatible with a wide range of forklifts, our attachments offer flexibility across different tasks and drum types, making them suitable for various industries.

Cost-effectiveness: Investing in the right handling equipment can lead to long-term savings by reducing the likelihood of product damage and workplace accidents.


St. Clare Engineering (Grab-O-Matic) is committed to enhancing the efficiency and safety of manufacturing operations through our innovative forklift drum handling attachments. By addressing the specific needs of industries that deal with large containers and drums, we provide solutions that are not only effective but also integral to maintaining safety standards.

Our collaboration with esteemed clients highlights our role as a key player in the manufacturing and distribution sector, dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation in every product.

Embrace the future of manufacturing with St. Clare Engineering’s innovative solutions. Explore our range of forklift drum handling attachments and discover how we can help you streamline your operations safely and efficiently.

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