How forklift drum handling attachments improve efficiency and save costs

Efficiency is key in industries that need to make a profit through recycling and managing waste. Businesses in these industries are constantly seeking ways to streamline operations, maximise productivity, and ensure the safe handling of materials.

St Clare Engineering is the only worldwide manufacturer of Grab-O-Matic drum handling forklift attachments, which deliver multiple benefits to organisations in the recycling and waste management sector.

Streamlining operations

Forklift truck drum handling attachments are versatile tools designed to lift, transport and tilt drums with ease. In recycling and waste facilities, where drums of various sizes and weights are common, these attachments play a crucial role in streamlining operations. By allowing for the quick and efficient handling of drums, St Clare Engineering forklift attachments can significantly reduce downtime and increase overall productivity.

Ensuring safety

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, especially in the recycling and waste industries where workers are exposed to potentially hazardous materials. Forklift truck drum handling attachments are equipped with safety features such as secure clamps and grips to ensure that drums are lifted and moved securely. This not only protects workers from injury but also minimises the risk of spills or accidents, promoting a safer work environment.

Maximising the use of space

Space is often at a premium in recycling and waste facilities, so making efficient use of available space is essential. Forklift truck drum handling attachments are designed to be compact yet powerful, allowing businesses to maximise storage space by stacking drums vertically. This not only helps in organising the workspace, but also optimises storage capacity, enabling businesses to handle larger volumes of materials effectively.

Improving versatility

One of the key advantages of forklift drum handling attachments is their versatility. These attachments can be easily fitted onto most standard forklift trucks, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their material handling capabilities.

Whether it’s lifting, rotating, or pouring drums, these attachments offer a wide range of functionalities that can adapt to the diverse needs of recycling and waste management operations.

St. Clare Engineering solutions in action

Our drum handling forklift attachments have been adopted by a wide range of customers operating in waste management and recycling.

  • Cannington Enterprises supplies anaerobic digestion, cold storage and recycling services. Our forklift truck attachments provide quick and efficient drum handling across their operations.
  • Millthorpe Metal Recycling uses St Clare Engineering drum handling forklift attachments to maintain safety for operatives at their metal recycling premises.
  • Central Waste Oils need a secure way to lift and move drums of waste oils, as well as to pour the waste contents for disposal. Our versatile drum handling forklift attachments ensure that movements of these liquids can be carried out safely.
  • Williams Environmental owns and operates the largest independent Hazardous Waste Transfer Station in the UK’s South East. With hazardous materials an everyday challenge, the company knows the benefits of integrating our drum handling attachments into their operations, leading to a safer and more efficient operating environment.
  • European Metal Recycling is able to maximise space at its recycling sites by using drum handling forklift attachments from St Clare Engineering to move and stack drums efficiently.

Streamline your operations safely and efficiently with St Clare Engineering

Our forklift drum handling attachments are proven to enhance the efficiency and safety of recycling and waste management operations. Versatile drum handling solutions from St Clare Engineering include rim grippers, waist grippers and base gripper drum handling attachments, as well as forklift attachments for handling multiple drums.

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