If you need to move a open top plastic drum, known as a Mauser drum, you will need specialist equipment to do so, due to the tapered shape of the drums.

Fork Lift attachments for your Mauser drums

Mauser drums, named after their creator; the Mauser Group, the leading manufacturer of plastics industrial packaging, have become an industrial standard. The features of the O-Top™ Open Head Drums meet a wide scope of needs and are ideal for liquid and powder/solid filling goods.

Featuring a blow moulded drum body and injection moulded lid, Mauser drums can be more difficult to manipulate and often need special equipment made specifically for handling this type of drum. St Clare Engineering offers several Mauser drum compatible versions of our drum handling fork attachments.  These clamping mechanisms are specifically engineered for handling Mauser style drums.

Mauser open top plastic drums can be lifted with the following gripping heads; HD-1 SS/AL (single) and HD-4 SS/AL (twin head). These Mauser drum grabs (for either single or twin drum) are suitable for handling open top plastic ‘egg shaped’ (with the base diameter being smaller than the drum diameter) drums.

Mauser drums can also be lifted using Base Gripping Units. Both the Grab-O-Matic Base Gripper 1-DLR-BG (single)  and 2-DLR-BG (double)  are suitable for handling open top plastic / Mauser drums and are suitable for use with 210 litre Mauser plastic drums.

Whether you have steel, aluminium, plastic or Mauser drums St Clare Engineering will find the suitable gripping head and fork attachment for your needs.

St Clare Engineering and Grab-O-Matic

St Clare Engineering Ltd is a specialist company, manufacturing drum handling attachments for forklift trucks. A family business, we’ve been manufacturing a range of high-quality drum handling equipment under the Grab-O-Matic trade name since 1959 to lift, move and tilt drums of various shape, size and weight.

We supply drum handling equipment to the oil, chemical, logistics and engineering industries globally, from the Arctic Circle to the Arabian Gulf. All components are manufactured in the UK and every unit is fabricated, hand-assembled and inspected at our factory in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

To find the right gripping head and drum handling fork attachment for your open top plastic drums (Mauser drums), please contact us using the details below:

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