In the food and drink industry, the efficient and safe handling of materials is crucial for maintaining product quality and operational productivity. Forklift attachments for the food and drink sector offer significant benefits by streamlining processes and ensuring safety standards. This blog explores how these attachments can optimise material handling in the food and drink sector.

Enhancing efficiency with forklift attachments for the food and drink sector

Using a forklift drum handling attachment can significantly enhance efficiency in the food and drink sector. These attachments allow for the quick and easy transport of drums of wet or dry ingredients, reducing the need for manual handling. This increased efficiency frees up staff to focus on other important tasks, boosting overall productivity.

Ensuring safety and hygiene standards

Safety and hygiene are vital in the food and drink industry: the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) offers plentiful guidance on the safety risks concerning food and drink manufacture. Forklift drum handling attachments help minimise the risk of contamination by reducing direct contact with consumable materials.

Choosing the right forklift truck attachment will also ensure that heavy drums are handled securely, preventing spills and accidents that could lead to product contamination or workplace injuries. According to HSE research, forklift trucks are responsible for 12% of injuries in the food and drink industries involved.

As a result, the HSE recommends that when purchasing new machinery, it is important to select work equipment suitable for its intended use in respect of health and safety. At St Clare Engineering, we offer a wide range of drum handling equipment for your forklift truck, including drum handling attachments to suit many different types of drum.

We also invented our Grab-O-Matic Quick Attach and Release System to save time and increase safety when securing mechanical fork attachments to a fork truck – further reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

Versatile forklift attachments for the food and drink sector

Forklift drum handling attachments are invaluable tools for the safe and efficient transportation and storage of food and drink products in drums, including:

  • raw ingredients and additives
  • liquid and powdered products
  • associated cleaning chemicals and sanitisers.

Cost-effective solutions for drums of food and drink

Investing in drum handling forklift attachments for the food and drink sector is a cost-effective solution for businesses in the industry. These attachments reduce operational costs by enhancing handling efficiency and minimising the risks of expensive spillages or contamination.

Using the right forklift drum handling attachments for your drums also help extends the lifespan of your drums and containers by ensuring they are handled properly, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Our customers in the food and drink industry

We have a wide range of customers using our forklift drum handling attachments in the food and drink industry. These include:

Safe drum handling from St Clare Engineering

As our customers have found, our drum handling forklift attachments for the food and drink sector offer numerous advantages, from enhancing efficiency and safety to supporting sustainable practices. Using our specialised attachments to fit your drums, you can improve your operations and ensure safety and hygiene.

Contact us now to find out how we can enhance your operations in the food and drinks industry with the right forklift drum handling attachments: call 02380 643402 or email


How do forklift drum handling attachments enhance safety in the food and drink sector? They minimise manual handling, reducing the risk of contamination, spills, and workplace injuries.

What are the primary uses of forklift drum handling attachments in food and drink operations? They are used for handling raw ingredients, additives, liquid and powdered products, and cleaning chemicals.

How can these attachments help in reducing operational costs for food and drink businesses? They improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual labour, lowering overall costs.

Are forklift drum handling attachments suitable for all types of drums used in the food and drink industry? Yes, they are designed to handle various types and sizes of drums securely.

What environmental benefits do these attachments offer to the food and drink sector? They reduce the risk of spills and ensure proper handling of materials, promoting sustainability.

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