It is important that lifting equipment is kept in good working order, and that includes drum handling attachments.

It is recommended in the Health and Safety Executive’s Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998, for the user of lifting equipment to have it inspected by a suitably trained and competent person every 6 – 12 months.

This formal inspection and certification will also enable users to comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) and satisfy insurers who require lifting equipment to be routinely inspected and serviced.

Preventative maintenance saves money – and lives

St Clare Engineering has been offering an annual service check for all of our products since we started manufacturing the Grab-O-Matic drum handling attachment back in 1959.

In fact some or our equipment has been sent back to us on an annual basis for 30 years or more, showing how beneficial proper preventative maintenance is.

Peace of mind, all year long

At St Clare Engineering we use top quality British steel to ensure our components won’t fail under normal usage but nothing lasts forever. Therefore our UK customers can return items for us to inspect annually. Our formal inspection involves:

  • Visual inspection – we check for signs of wear and tear and weld cracks
  • Drum test – we put the item through a practical drum lift test
  • Pull test – mechanical load testing

If we find any part of one of our attachments showing the signs of wear and tear that will affect the safe operation, the part is repaired or replaced. We then return the item with a test certificate, as proof that you’ve complied with the regulations.

St Clare Engineering and Grab-O-Matic

St Clare Engineering Ltd is a family business, manufacturing a range of specialist, high-quality fork lift truck drum handling attachments under the Grab-O-Matic trade name at our factory in Eastleigh, Hampshire.

We supply drum handling equipment to customers in the oil, chemical, logistics,  food, pharmaceuticals and engineering industries across all the 7 continents of the World.

For more information on drum handling attachments from St Clare Engineering, contact us using the details below:

Andy Bow – St Clare Engineering Ltd
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