Trust ATEX drum handling equipment from St Clare Engineering

If there is any risk of explosion on your premises, your equipment must meet the right safety standards. ATEX Grab-O-Matic drum handling forklift truck attachments are approved for safe use in hazardous areas, including Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 – protecting your people and everything around them from danger.

ATEX explosion protection

Explosive atmospheres in the workplace can be caused by flammable gas, vapour, mist or dust. Any source of ignition can cause an explosion, leading to serious injury and damage, so drum handling equipment must meet relevant safety standards for these environments.

Hazardous areas are defined by The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) and classified into Zones depending on the likely presence of an explosive atmosphere:

  • Zone 0: explosive atmosphere present for long periods;
  • Zone 1: explosive atmosphere likely in normal operation;
  • Zone 2: explosive atmosphere not likely in normal operation

ATEX directives control the use of equipment in these explosive atmospheres. St Clare Engineering Grab-O-Matic drum handling equipment meets ATEX standards for use in Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments.

Handling hazardous materials

Grab-O-Matic forklift truck drum handling attachments are suitable for moving drums and barrels to and from other forms of transport, in warehouses and wherever drums are manoeuvred to load or dispense their contents. We supply ATEX equipment suitable for all these uses.

Our ATEX drum handling equipment is used in many sectors where the movement and storage of substances may create an explosive atmosphere, including oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and even the drink industry, where highly flammable vapours may form due to evaporation during alcohol distillation and storage in wooden barrels.

How does St Clare Engineering meet ATEX standards?

We design and manufacture specialised forklift truck drum handling equipment to meet ATEX standards.

  • No electrical components: Our ATEX drum handling equipment is wholly mechanical, so there is no possibility of electrical sparks to ignite an explosive atmosphere.
  • Reduced friction: built from non-sparking metals such as high-quality stainless steel which significantly reduces the risk of friction sparks. Our ATEX drum handler gripping heads are made entirely from stainless steel, including all internal parts.
  • Fully inspected and certified for ATEX environments before dispatch.

Our ATEX drum handling equipment is also suitable for gas and dust zones and food or pharmaceutical environments where a full wash down is required.

A full range of ATEX drum handling equipment

At St Clare Engineering we manufacture all our own products, and are proud to offer our entire range of Grab-O-Matic drum handlers for use in ATEX zones. We can supply ATEX drum handling equipment for a wide range of drum sizes and materials, including ATEX single or ATEX double drum handlers, ATEX waist grippers, ATEX drum rotators and our specialised ATEX Quick Release system.

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