Tuesday 13 June is National Forklift Safety Day, a global initiative to raise awareness of the safe use of forklift trucks and the importance of proper operator training.

At St Clare Engineering we fully support the initiative, and work year round to ensure that forklift truck drum handling is both safe for our customers, and is carried out safely at our own premises.

Safe Sites Save Lives

The theme chosen by the UK Material Handling Association for National Forklift Safety Day 2023 is ‘Safe Sites Save Lives’.

“Anyone with a stake in this important industry will recognise the importance of keeping workers safe and we hope National Forklift Safety Day will encourage more organisations to audit their safety protocols to ensure they remain compliant at all times,” says David Goss, Technical Director of UKMHA.

Helping our customers maintain safe sites.

Choose the right forklift truck drum handling attachment

We provide a wide range of drum handling forklift truck attachments to ensure the safe and easy movement of drums. Our range includes drum handlers, drum rotators, drum cages and scissor grabs, all designed to help you move drums safely.

We are always happy to offer guidance on the best drum handling equipment for your specific needs, and will even build bespoke drum handling forklift truck attachments to help ensure you can operate safely.

Keep your driver safe with Grab-O-Matic Quick Release

Accidents can happen if your forklift truck driver needs to leave the cab every time he picks up and drops new loads. Our unique Grab-O-Matic Quick Release mechanism automatically secures the drum handling attachment to the forklift truck and holds the drum lifting attachment firmly in place until it is automatically released once safe, allowing the driver to remain safe in the cab.

Maintain drum handling equipment safe for use

St Clare Engineering drum handling equipment is strong and durable, with each piece carefully manufactured from the best materials and fully tested.

We also offer a comprehensive service and repair facility, so you can ensure you continue to comply with LOLER and other regulations to keep your workers safe.

Maintaining a safe site at St Clare Engineering

We are proud of our international reputation for the manufacture and support of excellent drum handling forklift truck attachments, built upon years of expertise here in Britain.

St Clare Engineering has an impeccable record for staff safety and handling our materials and products in ways that protect both our people and their environment.

We are pleased to support National Forklift Safety Day 2023 and are happy to answer any questions you may have on improving the safety of your forklift truck drum handling systems. Contact us using the details below:

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