Product Information

The ERGOmatic range of Pedestrian Drum Handlers is a safe and effective portable drum handler  and is ideal for moving drums to and from pallets, skids, scales and spill or containment pallets.

Parrot-Beak® Clamping mechanism grabs any steel, fibre or plastic drum automatically in lift operation. Its unique V shaped straddle leg configuration with telescopic adjustment settings for 272kg, 363kg and 454kg capacity.

Cushioned belt-cradle protects drum sidewall during lift, lower and transport function. Ergonomically efficient design with foot pedal lift/lower feature and adjustable lowering speed control.

Standard lift height of 500mm with 960mm lift available as option. 25mm rise per stroke of foot pedal.

We can supply new equipment spares or repairs, and offer a servicing and testing unit for the full range of Liftomatic drum handling attachments.

All Liftomatic Drum Handlers are manufactured in the USA. St Clare Engineering is the sole agent and distributor for Liftomatic in the UK and Europe. We can also supply to countries outside of Europe where a local distributor does not exist.

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