Gone are the days when your forklift truck driver must dismount from the cab to manually secure drum handling attachments every time they change from lifting pallets to drums, or between different drum grab systems.

Thanks to Grab-O-Matic’s Quick Attach and Release system this operation can now be performed safely from the cab. Smooth, fast and safe.

Simple Quick-Release System

Our Quick Release System uses a carriage hook plate that is bolted to the centre of the fork truck carriage. A spring-loaded lever locks behind this plate as the forks are inserted into the fork pockets, securing the drum handling attachment to the forklift truck.

The system holds the drum lifting attachment firmly in place for as long as it is needed. To change attachments, or other items such as pallets, simply lower the forks to the ground. This releases the locking system and allows you to withdraw the forks from the unit.

The Carriage Hook Plate can remain permanently in place as it is just 300mm wide and does not interfere with normal operations.

Fast change of attachments to forklift trucks

The Quick Release system not only provides a quick and secure fixing for your forklift truck drum handling equipment, it also removes the need for your driver to constantly dismount and manually attach T bolts and chains for this purpose. The system saves time and energy for your driver, increases safety and improves productivity.

Safe and secure drum handling

Grab-O-Matic Quick Release System means that your forklift truck drum lifting attachments will be secured safely, reducing the risk of user error. Reducing the number of times your drivers must dismount from the cab and fix attachments manually will also protect them from potential hazards.

Universal Quick Attach and Release

To upgrade your current Grab-O-Matic all that is required is the QR Frame the current pillars and gripping heads can be used on the new QR Frame. It is available for most of the Grab-O-Matic range of fork truck attachments, Drum Rotators, Waist Gripper Drum Handlers, Base Grippers and can be incorporated on many bespoke items if required. Stainless Steel or ATEX units can also be supplied with a Quick Attach and Release System.

Choose Grab-O-Matic Quick Release for efficient drum handling

St Clare Engineering is proud to have invented the quickest, simplest and safest way to secure attachments to your forklift truck. For more details on this cost-effective way to save time, increase productivity and improve safety, contact us using the details below:

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