Protect your team and your business by using the right tools

Safe handling of drums is crucial to protect your employees from injury and ensure the contents of your barrels remain safe and secure. St Clare Engineering drum-handling equipment is designed and tested to provide safe ways to handle every type of drum.

Pedestrian drum handling equipment

Manual handling of drums can seem quick and easy, but there is a clear risk of personal injury. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that “Back injuries from manual handling are a major cause of occupational ill health in the UK.”

Providing the right pedestrian drum handling equipment reduces the risk of injury to your employees, and helps maintain productivity levels. St Clare Engineering produces a wide range of pedestrian drum handling equipment for manual operation without the need for a forklift truck. These units are highly manoeuvrable and can include options such as manual push and hydraulic lift and battery lift, battery power drive, depending on your needs.

Forklift truck drum handling attachments

For larger scale drum handling operations, St Clare Engineering’s drum handling forklift truck attachments offer the safe and easy movement of drums. We carefully assess the size, shape and weight of your barrels and drums, and advise you on the best forklift truck attachments to lift and move them safely.

Our range includes drum handlers, drum rotators, drum cages and scissor grabs, all designed to help you move drums safely.

Grab-O-Matic Quick Release system

We know that accidents can happen if your forklift truck driver needs to leave the cab every time he picks up and drops new loads. Our unique Grab-O-Matic Quick Release mechanism introduces a spring-loaded lever which automatically locks behind a plate bolted to the fork truck carriage as the forks are inserted into the fork pockets, securing the drum handling attachment to the forklift truck.

The system holds the drum lifting attachment firmly in place for as long as it is needed, removing the need for manual intervention at every point. This Quick Release system not only reduces the risk of user error but improves safety and efficiency by reducing the number of times your drivers must dismount from the cab and fix attachments manually.

Strong and reliable drum gripping systems

St Clare Engineering has considerable experience in drum handling solutions and manufactures strong, durable drum handling equipment. We know that your drums may contain heavy, toxic or volatile substances which may be hazardous in the workplace, so we test all our drum handling products to ensure they are fit for purpose.

We offer a wide range of drum gripping attachments, including waist, rim and base grippers, and attachments suitable for the safe handling of many different types and size of drum.

ATEX safe drum handling equipment

St Clare Engineering also manufactures a range of ATEX drum handling equipment for safe use with hazardous substances and in hazardous areas with explosive atmospheres.  Our ATEX drum handlers are used in warehousing, storage, processing and logistics in oil, gas, petrochemical refining, pharmaceutical and distribution centres to move drum barrels safely using non-sparking equipment.

Safe drum handling from St Clare Engineering

Safe handling of drums is important for many reasons:

  • To limit the risk of injury to your drum handling staff
  • To reduce the chance of spillage of messy or dangerous substances
  • To protect other staff and facilities from the risks of accidental drops and movements
  • To limit your liability in the event of an accident

Please contact St Clare Engineering to find out how we can help you handle drums safely.

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