Grab-O-Matic drum handling forklift truck attachments are manufactured entirely in the UK by St Clare Engineering, bringing the benefits of British engineering to customers in the UK and across the world.

Made in Britain

We are proud to support British jobs by designing high quality drum handling equipment and employing expert engineers to manufacture our drum handling forklift truck attachments at our headquarters in Hampshire, England. Our precision engineers work to high specifications with the right materials and treatments to produce precision-manufactured drum handling equipment that is both robust and virtually maintenance-free.

Our expertise and understanding of the different handling demands for a wide variety of drum types means we can respond quickly to customer requirements wherever you are. We supply a range of standard drum handling attachments for forklift trucks, including quick-release fittings, and can supply bespoke gripping heads and forklift truck attachments with minimal lead times.

World class quality

Grab-O-Matic products employ a mechanical operating system which offers superior reliability.  Customers in different industries operate our robust products in temperatures which can range from 50° C in the Middle East to below -60° C in Alaska. When drums are handled outdoors or in harsh conditions a system based on hydraulic or electrical power can be damaged by environmental factors such as extremes of temperature or strong sunlight. Mechanical systems such as those manufactured in Britain by St Clare Engineering from high quality steel are not affected to the same extent because our components are resistant to changing environments. Our drum handling products are built to last.

Supporting the planet

Customers within the UK help keep transport emissions to a minimum by ordering drum handling attachments manufactured here in the UK from St Clare Engineering. We also help reduce reliance on electricity by ensuring that all our products operate without the need for extra power, simply relying on precision engineered mechanical fixings, the best materials, and gravity.

Quick and easy servicing

We provide a full after sales servicing, repair and spares service with all Grab-O-Matic products. For customers in the UK we will collect gripper heads or complete forklift truck attachment units, carry out a full service or repair and test procedure, and return the products to you. With our own expert engineers on site we can offer these services with the minimum down-time and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

To try St Clare Engineering’s British manufactured products for your drum handling needs, contact us:

Tel: 02380 643402
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