In the oil and gas industry, efficiency and safety are vital. St Clare Engineering is at the forefront of providing solutions that boost operational efficiency and safety. Discover how St Clare Engineering’s Grab-O-Matic forklift and crane drum handling attachments can be a game changer for your business.

These include rim grip forklift drum handlers and crane slung heavy duty (750kg) drum cages for off-shore use.

Safe handling of oil drums with Grab-O-Matic

The oil industry faces several challenges when handling drums, including:

Handling heavy weights

Industrial 205-litre (55-gallon) drums can weigh in excess of 350kg (772lbs) when full, far exceeding manual handling limits. These extreme weights pose severe health and safety risks like back strain, crushed fingers, and foot injuries if not handled properly with the safe and effective drum handling equipment.

Potential for pressurisation

Drums may become pressurised due to chemical reactions, decomposition, and  temperature or altitude changes. This can lead to lid ejections that can strike workers or release hazardous contents.

Proper storage systems can reduce the likelihood of drums becoming pressurised, as they can be stored and used in good time. Storage systems can be safely introduced once you have the ability to easily lift, move and rotate your drums. At St Clare Engineering we have a wide range of drum handling equipment to facilitate good storage and keep your workforce safe.

Flammable or explosive contents

Many drums in the oil and gas industry contain flammable or explosive materials, requiring special handling precautions. Our Grab-O-Matic forklift and crane drum handling attachments protect your team from these hazards, by allowing your team to control your drums smoothly.

Our range of ATEX drum handling forklift attachments are specifically designed for use in hazardous environments:

  • No electrical components: Our ATEX drum handling equipment is wholly mechanical, so there is no possibility of electrical sparks to ignite an explosive atmosphere.
  • Reduced friction: built from non-sparking metals such as high-quality stainless steel which eliminates the risk of friction sparks. Our ATEX drum handler gripping heads are made entirely from stainless steel, including all internal parts.
  • Fully inspected and certified for ATEX environments before dispatch.

Slippery or uneven surfaces

Slippery surfaces from spilled contents or uneven ground can make drum handling unstable and increase the risk of dropped or runaway drums causing spills and injuries. Our Grab-O-Matic Quick Release system can protect your workers from slipping by reducing the number of times they must climb down from the cab and attach or release the drum handling forklift attachment.

St. Clare Engineering solutions in action

Our drum handling forklift attachments have been adopted by a wide range of customers operating in the oil and gas industries, including:

  • T Triangle Ltd who provide engineering solutions for the Oil & Gas sector.
  • Piemme Broker who supply products, material and equipment for the Oil & Gas, manufacturing, chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.
  • NICO Industrial Services who provide industrial services to major oil refineries.
  • Mourik UK who provide services to the petrochemical industry.

Streamline your operations safely and efficiently with St Clare Engineering

Our forklift drum handling attachments are proven to enhance the efficiency and safety of operations in industries such as oil and gas, where safety is key.

Are you ready to see the difference for yourself? Contact St Clare Engineering today and step into a new era of operational efficiency and safety.

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