Fibre drums are a versatile and affordable alternative to plastic or steel drums, and can easily be handled using our specialist forklift truck attachments.

Handling fibre drums

Barrels made from cardboard, Kraft paper or fibreboard, known as Fibre Drums, are used extensively in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and for a wide range of powdered and non-hazardous goods. Fibre drums are low cost, lightweight and customisable, and environmentally friendly since they can be either re-used or recycled.

Fibre drums come in many shapes and sizes, made from all fibre or including metal rims or chimbs for additional strength, solid plastic or metal lids and metal lever locks. This wide range of styles and the risk of damage to the relatively light material of the drum means that standard fork truck drum handling equipment is not suitable for handling fibre drums.

The Grab-O-Matic solution to lifting fibre drums

Just show us your fibre drum and we will tell you how to handle it. Our experts can quickly identify the best way to pick up and manoeuvre any drum using Grab-O-Matic forklift truck attachments and gripping heads.

Gripping heads or ‘grabs’ clasp and lift the rim of the drum, triggered into action by its weight. The shape, weight and construction of your fibre drum will dictate which gripping head is the most suitable.

  • Heavy fibre drums from approx. 100 – 250kg with strong lid and rim. These require specially-adapted twin grip jaws to spread the load:

Use Gripping Head 1DTLR (Twin Head Single Drum handler)

Gripping Head HD4 (Twin Head) and pillar can be added for two-drum handling.

  • Mid-weight fibre drums from approx. 50 – 100kg with strong lid and rim. Our specially-adapted grip jaws will handle these drums:

Use Gripping Head HD-1 (Single Head drum handler).

  • Lightweight or empty fibre drums less than approx. 50kg

Fibre drums with light contents will not be heavy enough to trigger the jaw mechanism that grips the rim of the drum, so these can be lifted instead using our webbing fork attachment, a double ratchet and webbing system used to clamp the drums securely around the middle without damaging the structure.

Tried and tested solutions for your fibre drum

If your fibre drum cannot safely be handled with our specially-adapted gripping heads or webbing grip, we can design bespoke handling equipment tailored to your specific needs. We pride ourselves on finding a solution to every drum-handling problem – we always ask for a sample drum from you first so that we can ensure our products fit the exact structure and shape of the drum or barrel you will use. Perfect drum handling every time!

Versatile and safe forklift attachments

All St Clare Engineering products are designed with your safety and efficiency in mind. Our gripper heads are interchangeable, so if you use a mix of drum types you can quickly change the grab or gripper head as needed. Our fibre drum handling gripper heads can also be used with our innovative Quick Release System, allowing the forklift truck driver to remain in the cab instead of securing the drum grabs to the forks by hand.

Grab us now to find out how to handle drums quickly, safely and efficiently with the Grab-O-Matic range of drum handling equipment from St Clare Engineering.

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