Alternative Drum Handling Attachments

Grab-O-Matic SG-1 Scissor Grab

SG-1Scissor Grab and Crane Hoist Attachment

Product information

The Grab-O-Matic SG1 Automatic Scissor Grab Single Drum Handler is suitable for all steel open top, tight head drums and plastic ‘L’ ring drums.

The drums are automatically grabbed on the top rim when the unit is raised and automatically released when the drum is set to the ground.

Technical Specification

– SWL: 500kg
– Crane Slung
– Weight: 20kg

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SG-1-SS-AL Mauser Drums

SG-1 Scissor Grab

A standard SG-1 will lift plastic L ring drums.

SG-1 Plastic L Ring

SG-1-SS-AL Scissor Grab

A bespoke SG-1 suitable for open top plastic drums.

SG-1Scissor Grab and Crane Hoist Attachment

SG-1 Scissor Grab and Crane Hoist

The SC-1 crane hoist attachment converts the fork truck into a crane.

SG-1 Locked open

SG-1 Scissor Grab Locked Open

The SG-1 is lowered over the drum in the open position and automatically closes when raised.

SG-1 Atex Scissor Grab Drum Handler

SG-1 ATEX Scissor Grab

Stainless steel units can be manufactured for ATEX or clean room areas.