Product Information

The Grab-O-Matic 4-DLR Four Drum Handler is suitable for all steel open top and tight head drums, plastic ‘L’ ring drums and most fibre board drums and is attached to the forks with zinc plated ‘T’ bolts.

The 4-DLR is fitted with 4x Grab-O-Matic HD-1 gripping heads that grab the drums securely on the top rim, a mixture of steel and plastic drums can be grabbed at the same time or just a single drum. Damaged drums and drums of various sizes and diameters can be safely and efficiently grabbed with the 4-DLR.

Optional extras are available for the 4-DLR for drum protection these can be rubber fenders (model 4-DLR-P) or 150mm wide webbing drum supports (model 4-DLR-WP)

Technical Specification

– SWL: 3,000 kg (4 x 750kg)
– Fork Entry: 130mm x 70mm (larger sizes available)
– Weight: 240kg

Availability: 10 – 14 days

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